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Camp Sanders facilities are geared toward groups, retreats and camps. Individual rentals are only granted on a limited basis.

General Rate Information

RV Sites


(Limited Access; April through October)

Tent Camping

$12 per person, per night

Additional Family Members  $5 per person

(tent campers have access to a central wash house for toilet and shower facilities)

Dorm or Rustic Cabin

$16 per person, per night

(these units are served by a central wash house for toilet and shower facilities)

White Pine Cabin

(not available 2024 season)


Juniper/Oak Cabins


Redwood Cabin


(this cabin has full bathroom; sleeps up to eight persons)

Aspen/Ponderosa Four-Plex

$110 per night, per suite

(Aspen four-plex has two full bathrooms; each suite shares a bathroom with one other suite; each suite sleeps up to 8 persons- one double bed & six bunks; Ponderosa has a half-bath in each suite)

Wedding Venue Rental              

1-99 guests         $550/day

100-149 guests  $650/day

150-199 guests  $750/day

200-249 guests  $850/day 

250+ guests        $900/day

(Tabernacle; Lakeside Chapel; Outdoor)

Event Meeting Space only 

Dining Hall  $150 (does not include kitchen use)

Eagle Room $55

Bertholf Memorial Lakeside Chapel  $85.00

(must provide your own clean-up)

Wyland Center           

$  65/ day (summer rate)

$110/day (winter rate)

(this is a multi-use, recreational center/gymnasium)

Meal Rates

Cafeteria Style:

Breakfast           $10/plate

Lunch                $10/plate

Dinner                $10/plate

Catered Table Service:

Dinner                $15/plate*

*this is a minimum price per plate depending on menu choices

(i.e. wedding dinners)

(1) All meals have a minimum charge of 20 plates.

(2) Due to a wide variety of special food needs, Camp Sanders is unable to provide meals to satisfy each dietary requirement.

(3) Sample menus available upon request.  

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