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Sanders Christian Camp sponsors several camps during the year.  These include Family Camp, Kid's Camp, Man Camp, Spring Women's Retreat, and Senior Adult Retreat. 
Camp Sanders
Family Camp 2023
​Sanders Family Camp is non-denominational Christian camp for all ages with programs and activities for the entire family.


Family Camp 2023 is June 29 - July 2.

Camp Fee:  Adults $140 for meals & lodging (Minors are free of charge)

See our Facebook Page @sandersfamilycamp for the latest information.

Pre-register for camp HERE.  Thank you!

Contact Information:

Daniel Willms, Pastor

(208) 691-0884


Kids Camp 2023

Camp Sanders Kid's Camp is a non-denominational Christian children's camp with programs and activities for children who have finished K-5th grades.

Kids Camp 2023 is June 26-29  starting with lunch at noon Monday, ending with lunch on Thursday.

Children who have finished 3rd-5th grades by June 2023.
Starts Monday at noon, ending with lunch on Thursday.
Cost:  $75 per child

Children who have finished K-2nd grade by June 2023.  Starts Monday at noon (Pick up at 3pm MTW) and after lunch on Thursday.
Cost:  $50 per child

Please pre-register HERE


Also please download the Medical Release Form. This will be required.

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Sanders K
ids Bible Camp

Contact Information:
• Connie Pittman, Kid's Camp Director

• Christy Bates Gallogly, Camp Sanders Director
(208) 892-4842 Email:


Camp Sanders
Senior Adult Retreat 2023

Senior Adult Retreat is a popular early fall Christian retreat for adults 55 and older.

Retreat Date:  September 19-21


Christy Bates Gallogly, Camp Sanders Director

(208) 892-4842 Email:

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